Literature Piece : “Strings” by Dan Waber

The literature piece in which has caught my attention would be Strings by Dan Waber. Dan Waber feels that handwriting is rarely seen in works of electronic literature or on screen at all. I, myself also see more visuals then actual words in electronic literatures. As I was reading the literature pieces, you can see that most of the page was covered by visuals and very little words were being used.

I personally chose this piece because the Strings represents a life in its own and how it is able to shape into different human emotions and actions. As I was playing the piece, I would see the piece of string, displaying a whole lot of human emotions like sad, happy, arguing, and laughter. I like how the strings were able to corporate into something in which I experience everyday. The Strings had a life on it’s own.

The cool thing is, in this visual, the hand in which is writing the words are not shown which gave a uniqueness how the words are transformed.  I also like how opposite emotions were the words in the strings that swing back and forth. This shows how relationships with people and how people interact with one another are. They may get along on one side and not get along in the other.  The string kind of portrayed a game of tug-o-war in a way where the stronger side wins the game.  Waber is trying to let us see that side and how many people would experience different emotions in different situations.

Literature Piece:

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