Each Defeat : Digital Essay

In this video I have pictures of how a life starts and how every moment in life is worth to be cherish for. The pictures I have chosen would be a baby’s first walk, their teenage years, their graduation and eventually there very own family. I chose to display these images because as I read the poem, I felt as though the images that I have searched really connected to an every day life. I liked how Eileen wrote about the moments in her life that is easily connected to everyone else’s lives. My video did contain more about current life moments that are connected to the poem but was cut short due to my superscription. I do however, liked how my video is able to portray a very mellow environment of growing up and moving on. The video did indeed connect to me personally because growing up and moving on is one of my fears. It is nice to be able to reminisce back to the old time and how carefree I was during those time periods.



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