Process of digital essay

Before I really started working on this digital essay, I already had a plan of it. After I finished writing the paper, I started doing the digital essay. Because I knew I wanted to do a slideshow, the first thing I had to do was to gather as many pictures as possible. I found some pictures that were good for the slideshow from my computer. However, I still needed more. Therefore, I took more pictures. After I had enough photos, I had to think of how to put them together into a slideshow. Then, I tried the Window Movie Maker. It was easy to use. After I made a slideshow, I also put some background music to make the slideshow stronger. After the slideshow was done, I showed it to my dad. He said he didn’t understand what I was trying to express. Therefore, I had to make some changes. I put words on some photos to make the whole slideshow to be more understandable. The process of gathering photos took me a few days but it only took me a few hours to make the slideshow. Finally, I uploaded the video on to Youtube and posted it on the blog.

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