Digital Essay

For my digital essay I wouldn’t to clearly show my topic of how childhood has changed during the different decades of history. I wanted to show it in a slide show so that the audience could catch the differences as each slide progressed on. For the pictures I wanted to find kids engaged in outdoor activities since that was so common in a childhood back long ago. For todays childhood I wanted to emphasize that technology was taking over our kids and that the traditional childhood was gone. I picked my song “opposite of Adults” because it talks about the styles of a kids life and mentions innocence which was a point I brought up in my essay.

What made my digital essay most effective in my opinion was starting from 1940’s and going up decade by decade to show the differences and how time was changing children’s childhood’s. The last thing I did was made the slide show as long as the song and then added a funny clip of a baby smiling right after the music as almost a happy “THE END.”


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