Countering Monolingualism: Translingual & Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Takeaways from the First-Year Writing Spring Symposium

by Harold Ramdass

The Baruch College Writing Program Spring Symposium 2021, Countering Monolingualism: Translingual & Anti-Racist Pedagogy, presents 3 half-hour sessions on cultivating a pedagogically inclusive approach and practice responsive to our diverse students’ unique linguistic strengths that should be recognized and developed to better achieve our goals in first-year composition classes.

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Interview with Kamal Belmihoub, ELL Director

Challenges and successes in teaching T sections online

ELL (English Language Learner) Director Kamal Belmihoub met with two Writing Across the Curriculum Fellows to discuss his own process of moving online, getting the most out of synchronous sessions, and adapting to the needs of the online experience.

Watch the video or read the transcript below—

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Mapping Our Digital Enclosures

Multimodal Assignments in the Time of COVID-19

by Thomas Watters

As a composition instructor concerned with how students make meaning across a variety of technologies, I’m seeking to leverage my students’ increasingly enforced engagement with digital platforms during this unusual time to develop a sense of how “composition” can be conceptualized alongside more traditionally, essay-based course assignments. This is why I am invested in implementing a version of the relatively popular (at Baruch) multimodal or multi-media Re/Mix or Remediation assignment in my current 2150 course.

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