The Year of the Monkey, Chinese New Years Parade

For my event assignment, I decided to capture photos from the Chinese New Year’s Parade. Never having gone to it before, this assignment was a good opportunity to get myself to go. It was a very unique event and I did not know what to expect of it. When I finally got to the parade, there was already a ton of people herding around the barricades to get into good spots to watch the parade. But because it was a cold Saturday afternoon, I did not think that it would be so crowded. Surrounded by young children, groups of teenagers, and adults, I struggled to find a good spot to take these photos.

In my personal opinion, the parade was like any other parade, as there were people marching through the streets and floats with characters on them. The event featured floats, lion and dragon dancing, Asian musicians, luxury cars driving on the street, and much more. There were also people selling giant party poppers that would shoot out tons of bright-colored confetti when popped, making a giant mess on the sidewalks and street. Overall, it was a fun experience even during the brutally cold weather.