Musicians of Queens (Final Project)

As a music producer and sound engineer, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing musicians. I grew up in Woodside, Queens where the music scene is tightly knitted. I’ve seen my friends grow as people and musicians. I’ve seen bands form and fall apart. Sometimes, out of this disconnect something special happens. Bands become solo acts, Musicians pick up new instruments and adapt new technology. Their sound evolves into something new. This is exactly what happened to the band “5mach5”, led by natural born musician Christopher Myhal from Woodside, Queens. Chris is the brain child behind 5mach5, othrmother and Proper Grandeur. Chris formed in 5mach5 in 2008. By 2010 his project broke apart after band members started picking up gigs in different directions with other bands. 5mach5 consisted of Christopher Myhal, Luis Lopez, John Gomez, Brian Alvarez and Christopher Farfan.  Today, Christopher Myhal reformed 5mach5, an experimental rock band (reminiscent of bands like radiohead), into an experimental hip hop act called Proper Grandeur. Proper Grandeur consists of Felipe aka flip, Chris aka othrmother and Luis Lopez aka PIck.Up. The rest of the members of the former 5mach5, Brian, Chris Farfan and John are now in different bands. Brian is predominantly a drummer, however he is now the lead guitarist of the band The Gingerlys. Christ Farfan plays bass for Saturn unleashed. However, the break up of 5mach5 was not the bitter end.  All these musicians remain best friends and often collaborate. I wanted to put faces to these hardworking musicians who share a true passion for the art of music. They do it merely for their own satisfaction.


  1. Great photos man.
    Love your perspectives. I can see your style from all the past projects all the way up to the final.

    Taking photos of concerts are tough. You got some good shots. I’m sure you bumped up the ISO pretty high- the grain is nice and everything’s in focus. Good work man!

  2. Thank you for the feedback Martin. I’m glad you actually appreciate the grain. A lot of my shooting happens in low light so it is pretty much unavoidable. However, I do at times use the noise reduction filter.


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