Last trip: San Francisco- Yosemite

For my final project’s subject, I decided to shoot my last trip in USA before returning back to Turkey. It was a 5-day trip starting from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park. We (me and a friend of mine) spent the first 3 days in San Francisco and Berkeley, after that we rented a car from San Francisco to go to Yosemite National Park and see the destinations on it. From SF to Yosemite it took about 4 hours driving (165 mile) and the roads were pretty smooth and easy to drive. When we arrive there it was middle of the night about 1 am and I felt the power of mother nature because everything that surrounds you was dark. Then we drive close to the Glacier Point, because we thought that we can hike there tomorrow. We spent the night in the car and it was freezing. Also, I forgot the shut down the lights of the car, so about 4 am in the morning car’s battery died and we couldn’t run the air conditioner. In the morning we stopped about 7 cars and asked for help. The first 6 ones didn’t have the cable to jump. In the 7th one we stopped one of the officers of Yosemite National Park and he had the cable in the car and we fixed it. The next 2 days we spent our times for hiking and exploring nature. Glacier Point road was closed due to the storm, so we tried to see all Yosemite destinations. At the night we returned back to Camp 4 where you can bring your tent and stuff then camp there. It was a fantastic trip for me after staying 5 months in chaotic NYC.