Gallery Tour

planetarium on Nov 6th 2009

On October 13, 2009, I followed my friend to a Gallery tour in Baruch’s Art life.  It was my first time to visit Gallery, in fact.  Feeling curious about the display, I accelerated my walking rate to the gallery to observe the paintings.  The themes of the display were about the Nature of Landscape and the Nature of Photography, and each of these themes contained a series of paintings by different artists.  In one instance, Tom Baril, who was a graduate student of New York’s School of Visual Arts in 1980, has been achieved predominant accomplishment of photography.  His genius of studing urban architecture, still life and minimalist seascapes enabled him to hold display in countless publications and collections.  In addition to Tom Baril, Erica Lennard also was the one who contributed largely to the photographic field.  Among photographers of gardens working, Erica Lennard was considered as the one of the most talented ones.  The gardens, which had become the subjects of her photography, owned different kinds of exotic style and vivid structure.  The majestic formal gardens of Europe and Zen Gardens of Japan, for example.  Each of them, perhaps, shared same kind of flowers and plants, but because of the cultural difference, the cultivation, the arrangement, and the meaning of garden were distinct between them.  Pursuing the nature of beauty, Erica Lennard decided to do a re-interpretation of the beauty of gardens, which also enabled her to become a fashion photographer.  Conclusively the workshop of Gallery tour had expanded my view of the field of photography.  Also I understood that the world needed photography to photograph its beauty.

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