The most important resource to consult in writing your thesis are the Honors Thesis Guidelines from the Committee on Undergraduate Honors. These guidelines discuss what is involved in preparing a thesis proposal, due dates, thesis requirements, and thesis evaluation.

Baruch College also offers several other resources useful to thesis writers:

  • The Baruch Writing Center offers free writing support to all students!
  • Mr. Stephen Francoeur (; 646-312-1620) works at the Baruch Library. He is a terrific resource in locating information (literature and data) for thesis projects in Political Science. He also maintains a website on Undergraduate Honors Theses, with many valuable resources.
  • Prof. David Rosenberg (, Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Honors, can answer questions related to the requirements and expectations of writing a thesis.
  • Prof. Thomas Halper (, Honors Thesis Liaison for Political Science, can give general academic advice and help you find an appropriate faculty mentor.
  • Mr. Anthony Tudela (; 646-312-4415), Secretary of the Political Science Department, can answer questions about enrolling in POL 6001H/6002H.