Assignment #2 ~ How Happy Are You Really?

Happiness Set Point and the Broaden and Build Theory

Happiness Set Point Tracker

PARTS 1 & 2: DUE TUESDAY, FEB 18th at 11:59pm

PART 3: DUE THURSDAY, FEB 20th at 11:59pm

Part 1

Psychologists have found that we each have a happiness “set point” that seems relatively resistant to major change (See Compton & Hoffman text, p33). Yet our moods certainly change from day to day and sometimes fluctuate within the same day. For this assignment, record SEVEN days worth of information on your mood using a 10-point-scale (1 = extremely unhappy to 10 = extremely happy) each day at these eight times:

  1. When you wake up in the morning
  2. When you leave your home in the morning for school or work
  3. When you have lunch
  4. When you talk to a family member (or friend)
  5. When you go online or as visit a social media website/app
  6. When you have dinner
  7. When you watch tv/stream media or listen to music in the evening
  8. When you get ready for sleep
    (Include any other Daily Task that you prefer to track eg Exercise, Meditation)

You can use the spreadsheet provided by Dr. Sitt to keep track on your phone or a print out. In total, you should accumulate about 56 entries. Upon completion, reflect on and respond to the following questions (your write up should be in PARAGRAPH format, not a bulleted or numbered list):

a) What was your average number in total across all entries? Does it surprise you? Why or why not?

b) Calculate your average number across each of the eight activities? Did any of these numbers stand out or surprise you? Why or why not?

c) What was the range of your numbers, from lowest to highest?

d) Did you add any additional activities to track (refer to spreadsheet)? If so, what did you notice among these compared to the standard 8 activities?

e) From this activity, what insights have you gained about your moods and their relative stability or changeability in terms of the various times and activities of your day?

Part 2

Referring to your required journal readings on the Broaden and Build Theory (Fredrickson, 2001), what role do positive emotions play in our lives (discuss at least three influences proposed by Fredrickson). Referring back to your Happiness Set Point results, do you believe you are currently benefited from the outcomes the B&B Model suggests? If not, what do you believe is in your power to change (if anything at all)? Finally, describe if you ever experienced the “upward spiral” effect described by Fredrickson (perhaps even this past week?).

Part 3

Respond to 2 other student postings. Did you notice any similarities between yourself and the student’s report that you can speak of? Was there any insight shared in the original post that resonated with you? Elaborate and see if there is anything you can add, or inquire about further.


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