December Newsletter

By Tenzin Woesel

Psychology-related events on campus:

Yoga Tuesdays, Every Tuesday, 4:45pm – 5:45pm, Racquetball Court C
Come join Yoga instructor, Anna. All levels, persons with disabilities welcome for this free of charge and challenge-by-choice Yoga.

Self Defense, Every Thursday, 12:00pm – 2:00pm, Racquetball Court
Join us to learn self-defense with Sensei Peter Flores Jr., a Baruch College Public Safety Officer. He was raised in Spanish Harlem and Bronx, New York and has trained for almost 20 years in the art of Goju-Ryu Karate Do. Flores has hosted free self-defense and Karate classes for the urban community since 2002. All levels, Persons with Disabilities welcome (even if it is not a Thursday schedule).

Off-campus events:

The New York Cares Coat Drive has launched and runs through Dec. 31. Spread the word: Tweet, share, post about the Coat Drive and encourage your friends to get involved, using #CoatDrive

Click here to learn more:

Music, Meditation and Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman & David Nichtern, Thursday, December 28th 2017, Rubin Museum

Meditation can change your mind, brain, and body. So can music. Psychologist Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Altered Traits sits down with Grammy-nominated musician and Shambhala teacher David Nichtern to probe how music and meditation might each access our brains, perhaps to similar ends, and how we can use one to enhance the other. To get more info, click here.

Book Recommendation:

Listening with the Third Ear: The Inner Experience of a Psychoanalyst by Theodor Reik

Reik’s most famous book, Listening with the Third Ear (1948), describes how psychoanalysts intuitively use their own unconscious minds to detect and decipher the unconscious wishes and fantasies of their patients. According to Reik, analysts come to understand patients most deeply by examining their own unconscious intuitions about their patients.