Thinking of Applying to Graduate School? (Event Recap)

As a psychology undergrad student, depending on what year you are in, you’ve probably found yourself feeling quite lost when thinking about what career paths are available for you after graduation. This was exactly how my friends and I felt during our first two years of college. However, as you start to take more advanced courses and get some experience, you might find that your worries will shift (not entirely go away!) to now thinking about how to apply to grad school. Continue reading “Thinking of Applying to Graduate School? (Event Recap)”

An Act of Kindness a Day Keeps the Sadness Away

“An apple a day keeps the doctors away” is a well-known saying that emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet for the body but what about a healthy diet for the mind? It’s easy to neglect the needs of others around us when we are so busy and caught up with our own lives.

Now that midterms week is over, we have more time to devote to not only our loved ones but strangers as well. Woah, strangers danger, right? Or what do I get in return? Well, what if it doesn’t have to be that way anymore? What if we could change the way that we view the world with our actions? You may be slightly confused right now but keep reading. It gets good or at least decent. Continue reading “An Act of Kindness a Day Keeps the Sadness Away”