Power and Flash Dominate US Auto Show

ronn torossian baruch

Auto industry watchdogs looking for compact and gas sipping cars had a few things to smile about at the recent Detroit Auto Show. But, as Ronn Torossian reveals, power and flash are still front of mind for US automakers. With lower fuel prices and a renewed commitment to putting the experience back into driving, automakers are doubling down on power and performance.

And why not? Coming off the best sales year since 2006, automakers are smart to give the crowd and the critics plenty to ooh and ahh about. Of course, that’s not to say there were not some innovations toward a lighter, smarter driving experience.

Leading the pack in both categories was Ford’s redesigned 2015 F-150. Ford’s signature truck boasts a new aluminum body, offering a lighter truck with greater towing capacity. While some pickup enthusiasts are withholding judgment on this “innovation,” many have already begun to praise the new definition of Ford tough.

Ford also surprised some with its entries in the high performance category. The market has not seen a new GT since 2006, but that has changed in 2015. For years now, according to 5WPR’s CEO Ronn Torossian, “industry insiders have been saying Ford needed a vehicle that could match up well against brands such as the Chevy Corvette, in the same way the Mustang goes head to head with the Camaro and the Dodge Challenger.” The GT is the right choice both from a marketing standpoint and a nostalgia standpoint. From its heyday in the 1960s to its still laudable entries in this century, the GT has proven to be Ford’s top performance model.

That’s not to say it’s their only performance car. The race-ready 2016 Shelby GT350 is, quite simply, a gorgeous performance machine. It stands as a tremendous response to Chevy’s eye catching Camaro Z/28. No matter which brand holds your loyalty, car enthusiasts across the board are excited to see this classic rivalry back in earnest.