Owning the Housewares Conversation Using a Strong PR Campaign

The housewares industry is a multi billion-dollar industry that provides a wide array of household products that help people accomplish numerous household related tasks. The industry has a high level of competition that helps the industry as a whole regarding product development, brand awareness, product variety, and competitive product pricing.

As an industry, housewares has a large market interested in the type of products that are offered. In addition, the market is continually growing and diversifying. Within the industry, the companies that compete for market share have a variety of methods available to reach potential customers. However, one of the most effective methods that many companies in the industry use to reach potential customers is Public Relations (PR).

Public Relations

While many people hear about public relations on a regular basis, few people understand the dynamics involved in effective public relations. In a general sense, PR is the professional preservation of a positive public image by a company, organization, or individual. Unlike advertising where an entity or individual pays for a message to be distributed to the public by various advertising mediums, public relations in its true state is free public exposure. The exposure is based on deeds, acts, or other actions that are considered news worthy and are placed out to the public for consumption.

Therefore, PR is not a hit or miss endeavor. Public relations is a skill that people utilize to capture positive attention that can then be used to create or enhance brand awareness. In the housewares industry, some of the most successful companies are very skilled at the art of public relations. The companies craft public relation campaigns that are intended to initiate conversation concerning the companies and the products offered by the companies. To accomplish these goals, the campaigns must be effective.

Developing A Strong PR Campaign

For companies in the housewares industry, developing a strong PR campaign is a task that is taken very seriously. Even though many people think of PR in terms of positive messages being presented to the public, PR can work against a company or individual. Bad public relations can do much more harm than good public relations can offer in positive benefits. This situation requires that companies in the housewares industry craft PR campaigns that highlight the positives concerning and surrounding the companies. Also, the campaigns must spark great conversation.
The conversation that is sparked must be from something that is news worthy enough to provoke a public response. This is why a PR campaign is so important to companies in the housewares industry. The companies want to stay on the minds of the public. If the companies stay in the public eye based on positive public relations, the exposure will help to improve brand awareness and product sales.

Housewares Companies That Successfully Utilize PR

Most companies in the housewares industry utilize PR. However, as with all endeavors, some companies utilize PR better than other companies. A few of the companies in the housewares industry that utilize PR effectively to enhance business exposure, product sales, and brand awareness include Dyson, KitchenAid, and Keurig. These particular companies understand the importance of public relations, and the companies craft PR campaigns that work over an extended time period. The campaigns are meant to accomplish specific goals aimed at achieving and maintaining top status in the housewares industry.

Standing Out From The Crowd With PR

People use housewares on a daily basis. The housewares industry as a whole is a market that is always filled with people looking for houseware products. However, the challenge regarding individual companies is to stand out in the crowded housewares industry. One of the most effective ways that some companies in the industry utilize to stand out from the crowd is public relations. The use of PR is an effective method for a variety of reasons. Some of the most important reasons include:

1. PR builds brand awareness.
2. The costs associated with PR are minimal compared to other public exposure methods.
3. PR keeps people talking about the companies.
4. PR keeps the companies in the public eye.
5. Effective PR campaigns can help increase product sales.

Public relations has been around for a very long time. In addition, many companies and individuals have utilized public relations to catapult into the public eye. Companies in the housewares industry that want to own housewares conversations can accomplish this by using strong PR campaigns. The strategy related to PR is a time-tested method that companies in the industry have used to effectively capture public attention.

There is a big difference between PR and effective PR. Some of the most successful companies in the housewares industry understand the difference. These companies devote talented resources to crafting effective PR campaigns. In many instances, these campaigns have made the difference in achieving stated business goals.


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