Where I see myself in 3 years?

Immediately after I was notified of my acceptance to the Scholars Program, I embraced the opportunity. I thought to myself: I am going to be given special treatment, early registration. only the best classes, and etc. And although. that might be what happens over the next 4 years, I realized that there is more to college than just those nominal things. Although we all wan to enjoy our college lives, we must realize that we are here to get to a bigger, better place. I’m not saying that we should not live every day to its fullest and that we should not enjoy ourselves while we’re here. But, we must realize that we have to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us in Baruch and establish a future for ourselves.

In 3 years, I hope to be graduating in Baruch with a degree in either Marketing, Finance, or Real Estate. By then, I hope I developed myself as a well-rounded person and as someone that has engaged in many community service projects. I would like to have a few internships backing my resume. Also, the people I meet in Baruch are one of the most important assets I want to keep throughout life. These people are your network for the real world. they’re going to be there for the moral support you may need or they might be the key to landing a great job.

I don’t see myself going to graduate school right away; I may decide that I don’t to go at all. It is a thought of mine to head to law school for a year or two if the opportunity presents itself because even if I don’t become a lawyer, having a background in law and having an ability to read contracts can be vital to any business. With my personality, I hope that I am able to open my own company right out of college, obviously with the proper financial backing. I probably would like to start a family by 23. (I know what you’re thinking-he’s crazy!) Overall, all I want to be in 3 years is HAPPY!


Everyone has a role, a responsibility, and a place in their community. A community is not confined to where you live and to the people you’ve known your whole life. You can be part of many communities and throughout life there will be groups of people that you will form a community with. I know for myself, I have my Jewish community at home, the Baruch community, my class community, and many more. Each one of them serves a different purpose in my life.

As Baruch Scholars, I think it is our goal, collectively, to exemplify what it means to be a scholar. This means more than the 4.0 GPA, even though I would love to have one too! It means striving to do the best and be the best. It means going beyond the confines of the Baruch College walls and serving the outside communities. We must show everyone that we are leaders, and that we want to change things for the better. I think that our role as Baruch Scholars is acting as an example. We must always behave as if someone was watching us,  and we must always act in a moral, ethical manner.

I think that the community service project directly relates to this role. I was speaking to a few friends, who are not in the honors program, to find out that they don’t have the community service project. I must admit I was pretty jealous 😉 But, I understood that it was reserved for kids like us who are leaders in the Baruch community and the examples that must serve for all other students!

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Journal #1- Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

My name is Ralph Mizrahi and I am currently 18 years old. I am from Brooklyn and attended Magen David Yeshivah my whole life. I am one of 5 children, two older siblings and two younger siblings. My transition from elementary school to high-school was similar to my current transition from high-school to college. I am always looking to learn new things and so I view these opportunities as new ways to learn about myself and to learn about others. I am excited to be attending Baruch so I can experience what life is like in the real world.

Throughout my life I was always a fan of playing and watching sports. I was a member of the softball team all 4 years of high school. I also love to play football, tennis, and basketball. Some of the teams I love to watch are the New York Football Giants, the New York Yankees, and the Brooklyn Nets. In my four years in high-school, I was also very involved in doing community work. This past summer alone, I organized two major fundraisers for two community organizations. One organization gives food to the poor, while the other covers everything from having a food pantry to dealing with cancer patients. I also enjoy reading books, specifically dealing with business and political affairs.

As a student in Baruch, I want to amass as much knowledge as possible and create a network of people that I can connect with in the future. My hopes for the first semester are really to meet new people and maintain my 4.0 GPA!