My aims, REACT to FILM

The of this blog is for me to research the impact of documentary filmmaking through the eyes of up-and-coming talent from high school and the college chapters of the nonprofit React to Film programs, as well as from amateur filmmakers around the New York City area.

Some of the films showcased through the program were Robert Kenner’s documentary “Food Inc.”, which examines corporate farming in the United States, and “Wasteland,” by Lucy Walker, João Jardim and Karen Harley, which focuses on the Brazilian poor who are employed to pick out recyclable material from garbage.

Along with the program, the chapters provide education about critical social issues through the medium of documentary films, and I’m curious to find out how they plan and conduct their work, and to compare with other programs in the field.

I will spend time with Lindsey Jacobson, the director of the high school chapters of React to Film. Assisting her in her role of community organizing and coordinating the social events, I will have the opportunity to observe and report on behind-the-scenes planning, as well as following the working of the social media desk, through React to Film’s Twitter, Facebook and Blog.

These social media platforms aim to engage viewers in the students’ work, and to be a gateway in critical conversation and dialogue about social change. I will track how well these goals are realized.

As part of this project I will write a blog that aims to engage readers with innovative new forms of film. The entries will be features about up-and-coming young artists who are using documentaries, short films and other visual mediums to promote social change. The goal of the blog is to provide a narrative for the film’s creators, and a medium for those who are interested in getting involved with humanitarianism to receive the message. The journalism faculty will monitor the blog and critique my work as the semester progresses.

The goal of this project is to expand my reach as a writer by becoming more involved in community organizing and addressing social injustices. Film, much like writing, provides a narrative and in effect a message, that can reach a widespread audience.

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Caroline Albanese's is a Journalism student at Baruch College, Class of 2013.

09. December 2012 by Caroline Albanese
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