First day on the job: Dec. 11, 2012

Having this be my first day at REACT to FILM, it was 3 hours of being given email, twitter, facebook, and blog access for the company’s various sites.

It was also a day of meeting new people. Asides from Lindsey Jacobson, who will be my mentor for the next three months, I also met the Founder and President, Coralie Paul.  As REACT’s office is very tiny, being so close (literally) to the head of the entire organization is sort of intimidating.

Coralie was nice, though, but very quiet. I mostly worked with Lindsey, who had me working on queuing up tweets and Facebook posts for the upcoming week. My first tweet went live tonight:

I also began drafting up my first blog post, which is due by midnight on Thursday. I will be researching 3 films, looking up news articles that relate to their issues as well as photos for the blog. They’ll be around 600-800 words.

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Caroline Albanese's is a Journalism student at Baruch College, Class of 2013.

11. December 2012 by Caroline Albanese
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