Using what you learn in the real world

There are many skills from working as a Social Media intern that I find myself using in my daily life.

For one thing, I find myself using #hashtags and @tagging more in my pedestrian social media life. This has helped me share my articles and work with people all over the social media space, showing just how helpful it can be to spread the word.

However, as Managing Editor of The Ticker, I am responsible for the paper’s social media presence. With that said, using things like tagging has allows us to expand our reach by 30% this semester. We’ve already hit 1K followers on Twitter, as well.

But as millions of people create content each day, how does one find the best and use social media to engage a larger user base? This is something that REACT to FILM has been working on improving, and being a part of that process has been incredibly exciting.

About Caroline Albanese

Caroline Albanese's is a Journalism student at Baruch College, Class of 2013.

02. March 2013 by Caroline Albanese
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