New Professionals

New Professionals’ Student Affairs reading group goals:

  • Translating theory to practice
  • Understanding practitioner and scholarly response
  • Personal and professional development; community support

shared ideas

Developing an advising philosophy:

(Terrell Strayhorn, 2012)College Students’ Sense of Belonging, book review Kim & Irwin

(Strayhorn, 2009) first-year seminars & retention

Topic Article(s) date
Intro to NACADA, NACADA’s core values, and CAS standards  

NACADA core values, and CAS standards for advising.

Overview of theories (3 clusters: psychosocial theories, cognitive development theories, and typological theories Williams, S. (2007).From Theory to Practice: The Application of Theories of Development to Academic Advising Philosophy and Practice  2/24
Deficit thinking/equity mindedness Bensimon, E. M. (2007). The underestimated significance of practitioner knowledge in the scholarship on student success. Review of Higher Education, 30, 441-469.


Advisement applied to what we know about learning: cognitive & affective outcomes Jeanette K. Muehleck, Cathleen L. Smith, and Janine M. Allen (2014) Understanding the Advising Learning Process Using Learning Taxonomies. NACADA Journal: Fall, Vol. 34, No. 2, pp. 63-74.  3/30?
Mattering & Marginality (Schlossberg) Marginality and Mattering: Key Issues in Building Community, Nancy K. Schlossberg,
New Directions for Student Services, No. 48, 1989
 April TBD
Self-authorship (Baxter Magolda)

(Terrell Strayhorn, 2012) College Students’ Sense of Belonging, book review Kim & Irwin
(Strayhorn, 2009) first-year seminars & retention



April 20


Understanding student learning and development:

Topic Article(s) date
Vectors of college student development Chickering
Transformative learning (?) (Mezirow, 1990)
Stereotype threat
Multiple identities
Learning Reconsidered (I & II)
Critical Race Theory
Involvement (Astin)
Challenge & support (Daloz)
Retention (Tinto)
Moral development (Kohberg)
In a Different Voice (Gilligan) and/or Women’s Ways of Knowing (Belenky, et al); Women’s identity development (Josselson)
Self-efficacy (Bandura)
Transgenderism (Carter, 2005)
Reflective practitioner, Schon
Frames of Mind, Gardner
Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Freire
Social identities
Advising first-year students

Practical training:

Topic Article(s) date
Academic coaching: Probation meetings
Developing an advisement philosophy
Mental health issues in advising
Developing the College Narrative Baxter Magolda, 2001?
NACADA Academic support resources Decision making: Interest and effort, by George Steele;

Learning styles, by Kim S. Uhlik; Memory aids, by Tiffany Comtois; Motivation, by Steven C. Howey



Other topics:

  • NSSE & engagement
  • College outcomes (Pascarella & Terenzini)
  • Experiential learning (Kolb)