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Consumers are Spending Again

American consumers are, apparently, once again consuming at record rates. Market watchers report that US consumer spending is at the highest it has been in six years. More importantly, the indicators used in this report depend on markets such as automobiles and other big-ticket purchases, products that suffered tremendously during the Great Recession. Read More +

Caitlyn: Marketing Ploy or Honesty?

By now everyone knows that Bruce Jenner, well, is no longer Bruce Jenner. She has become quite simply Caitlyn. The news has taken the world by storm. Bruce, once the embodiment of masculinity and deemed “the world’s greatest athlete” is now a woman. Almost immediately many have asked about the real reason behind Caitlyn’s transformation? It seems unfathomable that anyone would go to those lengths just to gain attention or to promote their show. But there is growing speculation surrounding Caitlyn that may never completely Read More + Read More +

A step-by-step guide on what to do at WWDC as a tech PR

The Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), and other conferences like SXSW , CES, andthe likes, are probably some of the most intense days for a tech PR. It’s true that you can complete some busy work this week: you can write some press releases and get your agendas done for calls that will mostly amount to “it’s a busy week for reporters.” If you have a launch this week, then the work should have been done last week or the week before. This is Read More + Read More +

Drinking and Social Media Don’t Mix

By now, you should be well aware that there is nothing that goes away once it is on the internet. Putting information into the public domain has the possibility of haunting you the rest of your days. You can delete a post, no problem. However, that does not guarantee that no one copied the post or shared it with others, and if that happened, though your original post may have been deleted, the copies can live on in infamy. Read More +

Can hockey and basketball gain some ground?

It’s no secret that professional football and baseball reign supreme in American sports. After that, NCAA football engenders the most fan loyalty – and cash. As far as pro sports go, each year, the NBA and NHL battle it out for which professional sports league will be Number Three With a Bullet. This year, more than any in recent memory, both leagues have a chance to gain even more ground than that. Read More +

Public Relations Campaigns of the Month

Public relations and advertising is something that companies strive to do right. Not only do these companies want their products and services to enter their prospective customer’s consciousness, but they want it to have a lasting effect. There are several different strategies that these companies can employ to do this. Below are the five most interesting, creative, and best PR strategies and tactics for this month. Read More +

Carl’s JR & Using Sex To Market Fast Food

Can sex sell a sandwich? Well, might as well ask if a clown or a cow can sell a sandwich, because, it’s not the vehicle that matters but who you are trying to impress with it. Over the years, McDonald’s has been both praised and lampooned for using its friendly clown mascot as a way to bring the kids into the Golden Arches. A few years back, Wendy’s caught some heat for trading in one redhead spokesperson for another. But it’s been Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. taking Read More + Read More +