Why You Should Submit Your Company to Crunchbase Database

If you’re a founder or key executive of a company, then it makes sense to submit your company to CrunchBase and become part of their dataset. In particular, there are a three key benefits that you should consider.


CrunchBase is used by millions of entrepreneurs, investors, analysts, tech enthusiasts, and journalists to find companies, cofounders, equity, business intelligence and story sources. Submitting your company data to the CrunchBase database makes it accessible to these coveted audiences and reduces some crucial barriers to connecting. Don’t expect to instantly get more press or funding, but it will put you in front of people that can open doors for your company.

Competitive Intelligence

You don’t need to submit your data to get access to information about other companies, but adding your company to the dataset will make it more useful for your current and future research needs. Once you’ve submitted your data, you can use CrunchBase APIs to pull, compare, and analyze data for your company.

With the APIs or Excel, you can analyze companies, investors, and entrepreneurs based on criteria like funding stage, lead investors, the number of investments, valuation trends and more. Gaining these insights will help you value your company more realistically, spot new entrants to your market and better prepare for your next funding round or going public.

Sales & Social Proof

Some of your future customers might be in the CrunchBase database.

In a certain light, you can think of CrunchBase as a forum or message board for the tech industry. By searching companies, you can spot firms that might need your services and learn a lot about them. Once you find prospects, you’ll need to reach out to them and begin building a relationship. Being able to say,”Check us out on CrunchBase” or “I saw you when I was updating our CrunchBase profile”, is a smart way to build trust by showing that you are part of the same community.

The Big Picture: You Need to Grow

CrunchBase is a prime example of a targeted, low-cost way to get your name out there.
If you’re trying to build a company, then one of your biggest challenges is getting the attention of potential employees, customers and investors. You will have to develop a go-to-market strategy that cost-effectively improves your brand recognition, user adoption, and bottom-line. Make sure you take advantage of CrunchBase and other low-hanging fruit.