1 thought on “Do green supply chains lead to competitiveness and economic performance?”

  1. Summary
    Rao states the green supply chain in South East Asia, focusing on analysis of greening the different phases (such as inbound function, production and outbound phase) of the supply chain and leading it to an integrated green supply chain which leads to competitiveness and economic performance. Also she indicates that green purchasing contributes towards source reduction of pollution in terms of recycling, re-use and low density packaging, and towards waste elimination in terms of scrapping or dumping, recycling and sorting for non-toxic incineration and bio-degradable packaging.
    The author presents the survey among organizations in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. And it shows that greening the different phases of the supply chain does lead to an integrated green supply chain where the green inbound function of the supply chain, as well as a green production stage leads to a green outbound phase.
    Finally, Rao explains that the green supply chain comprising all three phases clearly leads to significant values for competitiveness and economic performance.

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