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Composer’s Letter

My photo story centers on my neighborhood, Ditmas Park, that I was born and raised in. Ditmas Park has a profound and influential impact on my life. To an extent, it shapes the person I am today in a positive way. The richness of diversity from the denizens to the small eateries has made me more open-minded to trying new things. I am more accepting of differences of ideas because of how diverse the demographics in my neighborhood are. I cherish and love my neighborhood dearly because it’s a place that I call my home. Although my neighborhood is constantly changing due to the influx of well-to-do transplants, there are still some shops that preserve the history of Ditmas Park. The photos in my story shows aspects of my neighborhood that are meaningful to me as well as the ways in which my neighborhood has changed from gentrification. Cortelyou Road is the main road in the neighborhood which generates a lot of traffic because of restaurants and shops on both sides of the street.

The first photo shows the Cortelyou Road train station which is a big part of my life because I live a block away from public transit. I’ve grown accustomed to the sounds of the trains and I am grateful to have easy access to transportation. The eighth photo is an example of some of the changes that my neighborhood has undergone such as an organic supermarket and hipster-esque coffee shops scattered all around as shown in the tenth photo. On the other hand, Vincent’s Barber Shop, shown in the fifth photo, is a long-time barbershop in the neighborhood that is frequented by many patrons five days a week. The public school, shown in the sixth photo, and the church, shown in the seventh photo, play a big role in my life from my childhood to today. The Flatbush Frolic in the second photo shows my neighborhood keeping with tradition for forty-three years despite all of the demographic changes.

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  1. Okay: great topic(s). I say topics because I feel like you have two stories going: one about what’s meaningful to you about your neighborhood and the other about changes and gentrification. Maybe focus on the one or the other? Some of the images are better compositionally than others; the mural is particularly powerful in terms of light and contrast. Link to image sources. Captions: consider moving a bit closer to the images and down toward the bottom of the screen for a more interesting aesthetic (just try it and see what you think). Good start.

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