“Wrestling, Superheros, and Punk” Some Context for Locas

Jaime Hernandez’s Maggie the Mechanic is hard to read as a linear narrative.  Instead, its images and stories demand thinking “outside the box,” beyond the binaries that confine identities.  Here are some contextual considerations for reading.  How do you think they provide epistemological breaks in linear thinking about race, about gender, about sexuality, and about class?

Punk is incredibly important to Locas, especially Maggie and Hopey.  Alice Bag, the legendary Chicana punk rocker comes to mind.  Besides her books and her music, she created an amazing archive of Chicana punk, especially the women who were crucial to its making.

Hernandez says he and his brothers were influenced by “Santo films” and El Santo, the Lucha Wrestler:

And this film, “Santo vs. The Vampire of Sex”:

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