First Impressions can be the Worst Impression

Jillian Michaels ruins their First Impression

We’ve all attempted to create the finest first impressions on those who we feel are imperative to our benefit. However, whether or not we thrive or fail are determined by those we try to make an impression on. Whether it’s the first day of class, the first day at work, the first date, or the first encounter we have with anyone where we feel our best vitally needs to be shown. Needless to say, though we may feel we look our absolute best and having the greatest conversation, the significant other may feel the complete opposite and can read through our “true colors.” Likewise on the first day of work or class, we may think we performing to or best abilities or and showing how studious and attentive we are, however our employer or professor may be able to read directly through our false impression, as a result doing far more harm than good.

Hence, though we may feel our first impression is indeed the best impression we can create, it is ultimately determined by those we’ve trying to induce. Depending on whom they are or the situation, either things that have worked successfully on others in the past may not be as charming, or similar to David Newman’s example in chapter six –try to impress in sister-in-law to be by playing basketball- where things can also go complete wrong and what you may have intended to do may have been perceived completely opposite to the other.

In the above video, a group of men who are marketing Jillian Michaels (a successful personal trainer who is famously known as a trainer on the Biggest Loser) profile when unexpectedly Jillian Michaels herself walks into the room. As shown and to say the very least, this group of middle aged men are not in the best shape of their life, hence with a woman who is known for being proactive about health and fitness, the first thought that occurred to them in order to impress her was to seem as if they were in some decent shape.  However, as most people we try to impress, Jillian wasn’t buying their front stage impression and comically barged into the room shortly after the group of men entered their back stage impression catching them in the act.  Thus, our first impression can sometimes be our worst impression.

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