I’m majoring in Accounting…maybe

Since junior year of high school I had decided that I wanted to major in accounting. I had taken a basic accounting class in that year and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t seem to have any doubts about what I wanted to do after that. I would major in accounting.


Now, I have met a lot of people who had also decided to do accounting, but changed their minds. Some say it’s too boring and others say it’s complicated. I haven’t met one person who says that they actually like accounting, except for my high school teacher. So now I feel a little insecure. I’m wondering if I should continue on this path or keep my mind open to other things. I know that I will never pursue a medical career because I can’t handle blood, so let’s see what else there is.


I guess that’s what college is for. It’s about learning lessons and changing your mind constantly. It’s about experiencing new things and forgetting about the old. It’s also about living life and making decisions you know you will regret tomorrow. I want to step off the path I’m on now, and maybe see the other things that are out there. Maybe I’ll find something better, or maybe I will figure out that accounting is for me. After all, how will we know what’s out there if we don’t try to find out?


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  1. I wouldn’t say accounting is very hard considering how many accountants there are. But I would say it takes a special person to actually want to do accounting continuously enough to become very skilled in it.

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