That Classmate With Thirteen Siblings

Hey there,

I’m Sandra Smith. I am in my last year at Baruch, majoring in Management Entrepreneurship and minoring in Psychology. I transferred from QCC, where I earned my Associates in Management & Marketing. I enjoy learning, being organized, and writing quotes that resonate on Post-It notes.

Actual photos of a few Post-It notes in my office.

Outside of pursuing higher education, I founded and manage a socially conscious e-commerce business of designing and producing bespoke zipper bags in Queens NY. My company’s mission is to inspire meaningful connections and empower survivors of domestic violence through purposeful gifting. You can learn more about my business here: and here:

I am also a solo parent to three daughters, ages 17, 15, and 12. We are a volleyball family 🏐, which means I spend my weeknights and weekends chauffeuring them to their innumerable practices, games, and tournaments. I also play recreationally about once a week, and volunteer coach on one of their community teams.

For those who are curious: My brothers, sisters, and I are all full siblings; we are even with seven boys and seven girls. Father is Colombian and mother is Taiwanese.

Looking forward to learning new tools and working with everyone this semester!

Feel free to send me a message or email anytime.