Getting Ready for Video Interviews

Video Interviews

Video interviews are increasingly being used to allow companies and job applicants the opportunity to determine a possible fit for the open roles businesses are hiring for. Once completed, employers review the online interview and gather information about the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. They then determine whether the applicant is eligible for the next steps in the company’s interview process.


It is important that you give some time to test the visual and sound quality of your computer equipment before the interview.

  • Ensure minimal background noise and inform everyone in your environment you will be participating in a video interview to prevent any noisy interruptions.
  • Have an interview setting that promotes positive attributes. A clean room and desk are essential and can be supplemented with items such as a plant, bookshelf, and or some art to add to the scene.
  • If the interview is during daytime, allow natural lighting to come from the front of your desk in order to avoid shadows and negative illumination. If the video interview is during a time where natural sunlight is not available, use a lamp.  Place the lamp in a position so it is not too dim or bright for the interview.


Dress appropriately and completely from head-to-toe.

  • Look at the camera and not at yourself on the computer screen while participating in the interview. This allows for more engagement and shows you are concentrating on the person conducting the interview.
  • While interviewing, it is also crucial to display your enthusiasm and interest in the position. Maintain proper eye contact and sit up straight. Doing so shows how you carry yourself professionally and demonstrates positive body language.
  • Deliver your responses appropriately, efficiently, and with clarity. Facial expressions and hand gestures are not always able to deliver your message entirely during a video interview, so expressing your attraction vocally is essential.


The Starr Career Development Center provides students the opportunity to conduct and review mock video interviews with a career advisor. Make an appointment with the center to test your video interviewing abilities and plan your next moves for career success.

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