Prepare for the Accounting and Career Day!

Get ready for Starr Career Development Center’s Accounting Fair and Undergraduate Career Day.

Nervous? It’s normal. Having to meet recruiters who may ask you questions you don’t know the answers to completely can be intimidating. What’s the appropriate way to speak and connect with others that seems genuine and mutually beneficial? Find out by following the tips below and by attending this Fall semester’s Prep Workshops.

  • Action 1: Research Companies

Use the list of companies that will be showing up to the fair by checking the Starr website. Then research individual companies of interest to you. Resources such as Vault are an excellent resource to gain valuable information. In addition, websites such as Glassdoor can provide additional material in your search to find a good fit for you and your career goals. Check out companies’ hiring pages to see the roles available and analyze what exactly the responsibilities of the positions are. If you possess the qualifications listed, make sure to articulate that when meeting recruiters. If lacking in certain areas, ask what skills and experiences are desired to give you the desired qualifications.

  • Develop Questions

Prepare specific questions for each company that shows your knowledge about the organization. This type of directed questioning can help distinguish you from other applicants that are merely looking to gain initial information about the company’s position offerings. Your research into the company will provide the basis for your thoughtful questions. Since the recruiters have to meet hundreds of job and internship seekers, having a clear purpose and intention with your statements will help you to be remembered.

  • Create an elevator pitch

Develop a short statement, 30 seconds to 2 minutes, about who you are that sets you apart from other candidates. Mention specific details that led you to want to work for the company and how it relates to your career goals. Remember, a relationship goes both ways and it’s important to see the connections as beneficial to each party. It is key that you practice your elevator pitch before the fair to allow yourself to become comfortable delivering it without it seeming rehearsed.

  • Arrive prepared

With a large number of companies attending a fair, your best strategy is to target a specific set of companies to maximize your time. Make sure to have enough copies of your resume as well as a pen and pad to take down important notes when speaking to company representatives. Include business cards to raise your brand image and to exchange cards with recruiters in a natural manner. Make sure all social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are appropriately managed since recruiters will check them. Also, it is imperative that you dress in a formal, business suit or dress to showcase your professionalism when attending the fair.

  • Follow Up

Collect business cards from the recruiters that you speak to thank them for their time in a prompt manner. In addition, you can inquire about open positions that may not have been discussed during the fair.


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