Message from the Director, Starr Career Development Center

To Our Baruch Community,
At this joyous time of graduation, I salute all of our graduates of the class of 2020. The journey to graduation is unlike any of your predecessors. Your fortitude, perseverance, resilience are noteworthy and will serve you well. You deserve to celebrate and rejoice in your accomplishments.
At the same time this graduation is unlike any that have come before. This year’s graduation is accompanied by the joy and elation of accomplishing something big- while at the same time living through a global pandemic and being thrust into feelings of sadness, rage, and grief after the senseless and racist killing of George Floyd.
As the Director of the Starr Career Development Center, I share both the pride in our students who are graduating and the sadness and outrage over the latest instances of racial injustice. The Starr Career Development Center supports Baruch’s Black students, alumni, staff, and community members. We stand in solidarity and lift our voices to say Black Lives Matter. We are dedicated to pursuing equity and inclusion inside and outside of Baruch.
Our mission states that, “The Starr Career Development Center advances the mission and goals of Baruch College by providing leadership on, and delivery of, diverse and inclusive career and professional development programs and services for undergraduate students.” As such, we see career development as a critical opportunity to level playing fields and we are committed to helping all of our students successfully launch their careers. We have been devoted to social justice and have offered diversity and inclusion employer engagements, career programming, and job/internship opportunities. Now we recommit to ensure that we are actively working to create systemic change. The Starr Career Development Center will continue to ally with our black students and students of color and advocate for, and build upon opportunities that will help students find meaningful employment. Given the unprecedented pressures and realities our students face as they continue to seek internship and employment opportunities, know that our diverse staff of career counselors are available to assist and can be reached through Starr Search or
As a white woman, I recognize that I have had the privilege of not directly experiencing racism personally, but have seen the devastating impact it can have on my students, staff, colleagues and friends. I am aware that racism is not a problem for people of color to resolve but something that I personally must work to undo as an ally. Therefore, I pledge to continue to immerse myself in antiracist learning and practices and to strive toward greater equity and inclusion. As a psychologist, I am deeply aware of our unique ability as human beings to experience two diametrically opposed feelings at the same time. So at this time of graduation and unrest, I honor both feelings, but choose hope. It is my hope that our graduates and our community will work together to bring about change for equality and justice for all.
Ellen A. Stein, PhD
Director, Starr Career Development Center

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