Are You Ready for Your Dream Career?

By Jason Ioffe

Peers for Careers/SCDC Correspondent

(As originally published in The Ticker –

Your college experience is an important journey of self-discovery and personal development. As you learn and grow, you will uncover new talents and interests that will shape your future career. Accordingly, a promising future greatly depends on the efforts you take today to gain both an understanding of your unique strengths and experience in your desired industries.

At the Starr Career Development Center, we are driven to ensure that Baruch’s students have the means to enrich their professional development. If you are unsure of which interests to pursue professionally, please visit our Center for free career counseling and vocational testing. Our career counselors are here to help you uncover your talents and guide you towards your potential future career. Additionally, our new online service via LinkedIn, Virtual Career Connect, provides seniors with motivation and the means to track career-related tasks and goals. Interested students should join the SCDC LinkedIn Group and request to join the subgroup. Other online resources, such as Career Zone which you can access at can also help you assess your greatest interests and their connection to the world of work.

Taking advantage of Baruch’s diverse community is one of the best ways to explore your interests. Currently, there are over 200 on-campus student clubs and organizations, each catered towards unique professional and personal interests. If your greatest interests are not currently represented by any club, then feel free to start your own! Getting involved with clubs will greatly boost your ability to build a network of peers with similar interests. Whether your career goals lean towards accounting, journalism, computer information systems, or anything else, Baruch’s vast resources can benefit all students.