The Importance of Thank You Notes

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 By Mahir Khan, Peer for Career

The benefits of sending a thank you note are numerous because there are many things you are conveying to your potential employer. By sending a thank you note, you are leaving a positive impression with the recruiter, highlighting important skills you possess, and reminding them once again why you would be an outstanding recruit for their company.

Thank you notes should be utilized frequently, whether it is sent after an interview or following a networking event or speaker presentation.  They can be a valuable opportunity to ask for additional contacts within the company that may be able to speak with you, furthering your networking efforts.  In this way, a thank you note may provide you with your next informational or professional interview.

Sometimes there is confusion around whether thank you notes should be emailed or sent in the mail. While sending a thank you note by mail is more personal, email has the enormous advantage of being instantaneous.  This is important because it is always advised to have the letter sent within 24 – 48 hours.