About Me

Hi there! My name is Stephany and I am currently in my second semester in the Evening MBA program at Baruch. Prior to starting my MBA I graduated from Hunter College, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Economics and English. For a while after I graduated I wanted to apply for medical school, so I took all of the science requirements (yes, this means I took the dreaded organic chemistry 1 and 2 and biochemistry). However, after working in the medical field as a patient coordinator for 2.5 years I became discouraged in medicine and became interested in the technology field after realizing this field was not only for coding. I always wanted to continue my studies and decided that an MBA would be best to get a business mindset, but also to network with other professionals in the field that I want to be part of.

In my spare time I like to learn languages, my main language being Korean and more recently French (though I have also learned a bit of Mandarin and Italian), besides Spanish- my native language. I also enjoying strength training at the gym, playing volleyball, and ice skating. Going to restaurants is also an important past time for me and my friends, the foodie lifestyle is real.