Practice Radio Interview

Act: Look what I drew its Sponge Bob

Host Intro – With many at home, young people are struggling to find ways to keep busy. This is George Sanchez and he will be telling us about his journey leaning how to animate.

Track: I know that animation is a passion for you. What is a way that you are continuing to advance your animations and trying to incorporate sound?

Act: This is how I get my animations audio.

Track: From where?

Act: I search up what the sound I am trying to find on YouTube and wherever I find it I press record and (sound of storm)

Track: How do ideas come about for you and where do you gain your inspiration from?

Act: Inspiration mainly comes from videos I watch on YouTube of animators just doing what they do.

Track: This is Francely Flores from Baruch College and I hope that you also find an activity to dedicate your time to during quarantine.