Photo Essay Pitch

  1. Protests During Covid-19: the promulgation of the underlying pandemics.
  • Protest on Friday for workers excluded from NYS relief, who have gone more than 120 days without aid.
  • Protest on Saturday for those who would have graduated: Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Aiyana Jones, Aiyana Jones
  • Protest on Sunday for the deaths of Vanessa Guillén and Breonna Taylor

2. Street vendors dealing with the pandemic – those near where I live

3. Following the day in a life of an essential worker

  • My stepdad takes fruits and vegetables from warehouses to supermarkets
  •  As an essential worker he experienced so many of his co-workers pass away.
  • Comparing his experience to the New York State’s data showing that hispanics are at the highest risk to contract covid-19 due to the fact that they have jobs as essential workers.