Here Comes Everyone – Wikipedia & Revolutions
April 3, 2012, 11:34 pm
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Back when I first started to use the Internet, its only purpose was for research and games. I played a lot of games on websites like Pogo and Yahoo games. Other than that, I did homework.

As I have grown older, it seems like the Internet has shifted along with me, or maybe thats just my perspective. Now, the Internet thrives on community, sharing, social networks and community.

The Internet has become a vast encyclopedia of our lives. And every day, its only growing larger.

Its kind of ironic because a lot of the information that goes up on the Internet are usually things that people would never talk about in real life. Ideas of revolutions in struggling countries, uprisings against governments, and the organizations of strikes. These are all things that the Internet has made easier. The Internet has broken the physical barriers that prevent people from gathering. People from all over the world can come together on the Internet to support each other.

Take for example, KONY 2012. Millions of people came together for one purpose, despite where in the world they lived. They contributed money, time, and effort for this cause that they believed in. The amount of people who rose to the occasion, to support this cause, was alarming… and it all started because of a video that went viral.

Chapter 5 discussing the birth of Wikipedia.
Wikipedia is so important. But its also a double edged sword.
It has so much information, and I’m sure that most of it is accurate… but because I know that people, just like me, are typing and changing the info on the page, I can’t help but question the credibility and accuracy of it.

And honestly, the amount of different articles available on Wikipedia is INSANE.
What’s even more cool about it is that it can be updated to reflect the most recent news. For example, if I want to look up a summary of an episode that I missed of CSI: Miami, WIKIPEDIA WILL HAVE IT, almost right away.

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