Welcome Baruch Freshmen!

Welcome Baruch Freshmen, hope you enjoyed our presentation during the convocation and took something from it.

Please help us make Baruch a greener and better campus!

Download the convocation presentation PowerPoint file here:
Freshmen Convocation

Links in the presentation:
/ (Undergraduate Student Government)

http://environmentalcooperation.org/ (ECO CLUB)

Want to know what to recycle? Check out the Department of Sanitation website:
Department of Sanitation

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2 Responses to Welcome Baruch Freshmen!

  1. Adeeba says:

    I missed convocation because I was out of the country:(
    I came back yesterday and am wondering if it’s something I have to make up or just move on without?
    Help.. 😡

  2. lance says:

    First of all, welcome to Baruch. This presentation was presented by the interns for the Task Force on Sustainability. It’s mainly about what Baruch has done to be green and what you can do to help keep and improve those initiatives. Feel free to download the presentation and contact us for any questions.

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