The Trend of the Decade (20s)

As the next decade is soon approaching, we can look back and appreciate how much has changed throughout the past ten years. We can attribute much of this change to the impact technology has had on our society. While technology was at the forefront of 2000s, next year lays focus on a new trend for the business community: Sustainability.

The majority of people, when they think about sustainable business, think of things like recycling and fair trade. However, theres a lot more to it than just that. Sustainable practices touches upon every aspect of a company’s operations. From their investment portfolio to their workplace and supply chain. We currently live in a world that feeds off of a constant stream of information. With merely one touch of a button, people are capable of interacting with others across the world.

With 2020 soon approaching, what trends will our society seen on the basis of sustainable business? The first major area deals with company’s supply chain, specifically the concepts of perceived and planned obsolescence. These two terms demonstrate the old ways of producing consumer goods; where no regard was placed on where products would end up after it reached the consumer. Business leaders across the world are placing pressure on each other to gain control over their supply chain for efforts of a circular economy, ultimately producing a more sustainable world.

Another major trend that could be in the works deals with workplace operations. While green buildings have become a major theme for many companies, the need for employees to come into work everyday is being questioned. Technology has enabled us to be closer than ever even when we are far away. Employees are able to tap into their work devices in their own home, without having to commute to work; This ultimately saves time, money, and most importantly lowers the amount of pollution related to commuting.

Electrical vehicles are upon us but it will take many years until it is the norm. Until then, lowering the demand for employees to commute everyday to work and promoting the use of alternative commuting methods will help decrease the negative impacts humans have had on our home planet.

By Connor Toes

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