Journal #3

All the speakers we had on Monday spoke a lot about passion – being passionate about certain subjects, about their future careers, about helping people. That they wanted to and loved doing all that they did is what allowed them to be so successful at handling their huge responsibilities. I have debated joining clubs and have went to a few meetings for several. Though they are great and useful clubs, it took me a while to find one that truly sparked my interest – my own thing to be passionate about. As I stood by the escalators on the second floor of VC during club hours a week ago, two girls came up to me and joked that the lollipop (a free lollipop offered along with a “kiss me I don’t smoke” paper) was almost done and I could use a Hershey’s kiss. I agreed and they gave me a red paper heart that said create love now on top, and told me to write something, anything positive. Not to be corny, but I immediately fell in love with the idea. Sure, there are a tons of empowering, kind and positive quotes that we find in books or on the internet and even in our planners. Despite all of that, there are people who are constantly unhappy or angry or dissatisfied with their lives and maybe seeing that red paper heart posted there, or writing something good for someone else, would change that. People are unhappy with the person they are and often complain about it, wishing they had someone else’s wealth or looks or grades or job. No one’s life is perfect but thinking about the good things and realizing that they are indeed good can work wonders for your mood and your happiness.

My participation in Community Service Project has shown me that a lot of the faculty that I wouldn’t necessarily thought would be a help, were. The librarians were a huge help in showing us websites that are useful for finding organizations – showing us Idealist and how huge the Baruch database is. Maria’s way of setting deadlines for us was very helpful and the tips from last week’s speakers about really using the planner and writing things down in two places was great. Ultimately, everyone can make a difference because even if one person doesn’t directly influence a whole group (though writers and speakers do that often,) they can influence just one more person, who will influence another and another.

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What does it mean to serve your community?

To me, serving my community means giving back so that everyone can have access to what I had. I could go to dance at the local YMCA, I could attend summer camp, buy books for a fraction of the price at a local libary. Serving my community means experiencing anything you want – taking any subject, reading any book, playing any sport, even visitng countries – and helping other do the same. It means giving people an oppurtunity and a reason to try something that they didnt want to or couldnt try before. Serving the community could mean donating money and advertising for a venue or a yoga studio so that it can keep its door open. It can mean donating books or encouraging people to take a certain class so that they will learn something new and interesting. Basically, it means helping yourself and the people around you to become better. My role in the Baruch and the broader community is that of a student who should use the classes and oppurtunities that the Baruch Honors Program providesto become succesful and helpful. The community service project that is a requirement for Baruch Scholars is just one example of how the Honors Program encourags people to become better and more multi-faceted. Before I have neveer considered doing community service but now that I have explored all the oppurtunites – from helping children learn how to bike, to teaching and playing with them, to helping out at pet shelters – I am very much looking forward to volunteering.

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Hello world!

I wasn’t formed by one event or person, I’m just a product of my environment. Just realized that answering this reminds me of “I’m just the product of everybody I’ve ever known,” a quote by Chuck Palahnuik. He’s the author of Fight Club, fyi. In a way I am (and that applies to most people I think) a product of the people I come across. I’m open to the influences (habits, music, views) I like, and generally avoid the ones I dont. I am a product of my closest friends and their opinions and tastes, I am a product of Stuy, I am a product of living in Brooklyn. I love my borough!

College is way to similar to high school for my taste. It’s slightly irritating. It takes me the same amount of time to get to school, its pretty much just as crowded and there are plenty of Stuy kids around. And I miss Battery Park, the parks by Baruch are too business and people orientated. Too many benches, not enough grass. But its a different neighborhood and I have a Macbook!

As a college student I guess I expect a new beginning with education? Rather, more dedication to school, especially since college is supposed to have a bigger variety of classes. I’m really happy to have the Macbook, my time management and organization weren’t too great in high school so I’m hoping that with a laptop I’ll be a bit better off. We’ll see.

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