Is CIS the Major for Me?


I am writing this blog post to get my conceptual ideas and thoughts into concrete words that I can evaluate and use to help me have a clear vision of what I want to have as my major moving forward. I am not an individual who is good at setting specific goals and working vigorously towards accomplishing those goals. While some of my colleagues have high aspirations of becoming investment bankers and some have mediocre aspirations of becoming computer technicians, I have never known what I wanted as a profession. Sometimes my studies become frustrating because I feel aimless, but I remind myself that most of my fellow freshmen at Baruch will probably have a change in interest as they go through the curriculum and develop into upperclassmen. I also remind myself that it its impractical to expect an 18-year-old to know what he or she wants to dedicate their lives to doing.

Despite being undecided on my major at Baruch College, I can draw inspiration from small but memorable occurrences throughout my life. One thing that has remained constant in my life, is my love for computers; I can vividly recall getting my first Dell XP desktop as a 6-year-old child and being fascinated by what it was capable of. This was a transitional instance for me because my computer would introduce me to the internet, where I would spend most of my time playing video games or simply experimenting with it out of curiosity. My love for computers has not faded in the least, because it was what sparked my general inquisitiveness and provided me access to material and substance that would enable me to become better at communication.

However, I reason why I hesitate to accept CIS as my definite major is my lack of a proper computer education. Besides my casual web surfing and pc gaming, I don’t have a background working with computer software, in-depth computer coding, or anything that makes the computer what it is. I question my ability to be able to succeed in any computer courses that are necessary for a CIS major because I’ve never been exposed to such instances that would help me develop those skills. Most individuals who want to major in CIS or Computer Science have experience building their own PCs, working with high-level software, and coding. If I were to go for a CIS degree I must understand that my basic understanding of computers will be not enough moving forward into more high-level courses.

Growing up my relatives have also had an immense influence on me and my preferences. Because my elder cousins were avid sports fans, I also developed a love for watching and playing sports. Most of my relatives have jobs working with financial institutions such as PWC, growing up, watching them committed to their 9 to 5 jobs working on audits with penny stocks have instilled within me an ideal idea of what a job is. Since my early childhood, I imagined myself working with money in an office setting and it is still that I envision when I think of a professional job.

Although, I’m also not entirely fond of the idea of having to work with intense math and finance related material. I have never been good at my basic math subjects and it is difficult to foresee myself doing anything more intense and being successful in my attempts. I don’t have to be stuck doing something I genuinely dislike because I believe that when one does something out of pure necessity it is not of the same quality of work as it would be when it is done with some sense of joy. Considering a finance major is difficult for me because I consider math to be tedious work, but at the same time, it seems to be the ideal major that if I manage to struggle through can present the ideal future for me.

Ultimately, between a CIS major and Finance major, it comes down to what I value most, if I were to accept CIS as my definite major then I would be taking the more enjoyable subject that I have a lot to learn about, however, a Finance major presents the more upside for potential success, but its much more of a struggle that I will not enjoy.

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