Teach Hybrid

The Hybrid Seminar

The CTL Faculty Fellows Hybrid Seminar is a terrific opportunity for Baruch faculty who have not yet experimented with teaching in an online/hybrid format. Seminar participants will be encouraged to think creatively about how teaching in this format can open up new pedagogical opportunities within and across disciplines. With the guidance of the CTL staff and feedback from other faculty fellows, participating faculty will develop syllabi, assignments, assessments, online learning resources, and digital spaces for their course. Faculty Fellows will be matched with a CTL Hybridization Fellow, whose role is to support and collaborate with the Faculty Fellow throughout the semester.The seminar is offered during the fall or spring semester. If you are interested in participating, please email ctl@baruch.cuny.edu. Click here to access the Hybrid Seminar site.

Past CTL-Supported Hybrid Courses

ART 3041 – Special Topics in Art (Studio), 3-D Digital Design
Participating Faculty
Zoe Sheehan Saldana, zoe.sheehan@baruch.cuny.edu

CIS 2200 – Introduction to Information Systems and Technologies
Participating Faculty
Raquel Benbunan-Fich, rbfich@baruch.cuny.edu
Radhika Jain, radhika.jain@baruch.cuny.edu
Nanda Kumar, nanda.kumar@baruch.cuny.edu
Kannan Mohan, kannan.mohan@baruch.cuny.edu
Isak Taksa, isak.taksa@baruch.cuny.edu
CIS 3700 – Green IT    
Participating Faculty
Kannan Mohan, kannan.mohan@baruch.cuny.edu
CMP 3075 – Italian Cinema    
Participating Faculty
Antonietta D’Amelio, antonietta.damelio@baruch.cuny.edu
COM 3068 – Managerial Communication Within Organizations    
Participating Faculty
Caryn Medved, caryn.medved@baruch.cuny.edu
ENG 2100 and 2150 – Writing I and II
Participating Faculty
Lisa Blankenship, lisa.blankenship@baruch.cuny.edu
Allison Curseen, allison.curseen@baruch.cuny.edu
Sean O’Toole, sean.otoole@baruch.cuny.edu
ENG 2800 and 2850 – Great Works of Literature I and II
Participating Faculty
Christina Christoforauto, christina.christoforauto@baruch.cuny.edu
Allison Curseen, allison.curseen@baruch.cuny.edu
Allison Deutermann, allison.deutermann@baruch.cuny.edu
Matthew Eatough, mattew.eatough@baruch.cuny.edu
Michael Healy, michael.healy@baruch.cuny.edu
Stephanie Hershinow, stephanie.hershinow@baruch.cuny.edu
Meechal Hoffman, meechal.hoffman@baruch.cuny.edu
Miciah Hussey, miciah.hussey@baruch.cuny.edu
Jessica Lang, jessica.lang@baruch.cuny.edu
Jeanne Merle, jeanne.merle@baruch.cuny.edu
Linda Neiberg, linda.neiberg@baruch.cuny.edu
Kelly Nims, kelly.nims@baruch.cuny.edu
Harold Ramdass, harold.ramdass@baruch.cuny.edu
Zohra Saed, zohra.saed@baruch.cuny.edu
Ely Shipley, ely.shipley@baruch.cuny.edu
Cheryl Smith, cheryl.smith@baruch.cuny.edu
Jennifer Sylvor, jennifer.sylvor@baruch.cuny.edu
Nicole Zeftel, nicole.zeftel@baruch.cuny.edu
FIN 3000 – Principles of Finance
Participating Faculty
Sonali Hazarika, sonali.hazarika@baruch.cuny.edu
HIS 1003 – Global Themes in History
Participating Faculty
Elizabeth Heath, elizabeth.heath@baruch.cuny.edu
JRN 2500 – The Individual and the News in the Information Age  
Participating Faculty
Vera Haller, vera.haller@baruch.cuny.edu
JRN 3600 – Creative Nonfiction
Participating Faculty
Christopher Hallowell, christopher.hallowell@baruch.cuny.edu
LAW 1101 – Fundamentals of Business Law    
Participating Faculty
Sandra Mullings, sandra.mullings@baruch.cuny.edu
Alan Rosenbloom, alan.rosenbloom@baruch.cuny.edu
MGT 9300 – Management: A Behavioral Approach    
Participating Faculty
Cynthia Thompson, cathompson01@gmail.com
MKT 4561 – Marketing Analytics     
Participating Faculty
Mahima Hada, mahima.hada@baruch.cuny.edu
MKT 9702 Marketing Research    
Participating Faculty
Kapil Bawa, kapil.bawa@baruch.cuny.edu
PAF 9103 – Communication in Public Settings  
Participating Faculty
David Hoffman, david.hoffman@baruch.cuny.edu
PHI 1600 – Logic and Moral Reasoning    
Participating Faculty
Eric Mandelbaum, Eric.Mandelbaum@baruch.cuny.edu
PSY 1001 – General Psychology    
Participating Faculty
Erin Eatough Cooley, erin.eatough@baruch.cuny.edu
David Sitt, david.Sitt@baruch.cuny.edu
THE 1041-Introduction to the Theatre Arts
Participating Faculty
Debra Caplan, debra.caplan@baruch.cuny.edu