Laptops to Go


Accommodating Today’s Student Technology Needs


3-1Just as ATMs facilitate access to cash and DVD Rental Machines make watching movies easier, “Laptops To Go”, the Newman Library’s new laptop loan vending machine enables students to borrow laptops anytime at their convenience.

If you are among those students who prefer to study in odd hours, or due to personal engagements you are unable to borrow a laptop from Technology Loan services desk when it is open, then your concerns have been answered.

When students want to study as a group, or work on their projects late at night, they can simply borrow a Dell Latitude laptop or an Apple Mac Book from this kiosk, which is available anytime that the library is open. Students must activate their Baruch I.D. card at the Library’s circulation desk before using the kiosk.

“Laptops To Go”, provides a same day loan, which requires the student to return the laptop in the same calendar day that it was borrowed. If borrowed late at night when the library is open around-the-clock during midterm or final exams, then the student must return it before midnight and borrow it again after

Students can borrow a laptop by following these few easy steps. 1. Tap the screen, 2. Select the kind of laptop, 3. Agree to the terms, 4. Swipe your Baruch I.D. and enter your username/ password, 5. Grab-n-go. Also, these laptops are not only reserved for use in the library; students can work on them anywhere, including the 25th Street Plaza on a beautiful sunny day or maybe at a nearby café.
The user friendly kiosk puts in your hands a fully charged laptop. The Dell latitude laptops include an external battery – extending battery time so students can work efficiently up to 7 to 11 hours while Macbook Airs provide 5 to 7 hours.

The kiosk is also environmentally friendly, as it provides an e-receipt that is emailed to the student’s Baruchmail address upon borrowing and returning the laptop.

“Laptops To Go”, is limited to Baruch College students and is free of charge. However, the loss, damage, or late return of a laptop may result in fines and fees. Students interested in borrowing a laptop for a longer period of time can obtain units with a maximum loan period of three days from the Technology Loan Services desk.



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