Sita Sings R&B

I love Sita and all that she stood for but I would have never been able to hold on for as long as she did. For me to be loyal to a man only for him to accuse me of being unfaithful is so unfair. Then after she proved to him that she was indeed faithful Rama allowed rumors to again sway his decision. Sita Sings the Blues was a great interpretation of The Ramayana. The blues gave it a modern touch and I enjoyed that. But back to Sita… she devoted herself to a man only to be asked to prove herself to him over and over again. That’s just unfair, she could have just given herself to Ravana, you never know, she may have eventually liked it. Keyshia Cole’s “I Should Have Cheated” talks about a women being accused of infidelity even though she is innocent. If I could create an adaptation to Nina Paley’s work I would give it an R&B twist and Keyshia Cole’s song would be the headliner. I wonder if it ever crossed Sita’s mind that she should have been unfaithful being that Rama didn’t believe her anyway. Considering that Rama felt Sita must have been unfaithful it makes one wonder about his extracurricular activities while he was away from his her.

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