Surveillance on Search Engines

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Welcome To Our Page

Hello Readers, We have created a page to inform our readers about the how the internet can track your every move, sell data, and use your data for its own personal benefit. This is how companies get smarter and richer,… Continue Reading →

Big Brother Is Watching You

Data Privacy should be a concern for everyone. Companies use our data to track us and benefit their businesses. The United States government does not have strict privacy data laws. It doesn’t have a singular law that covers the privacy… Continue Reading →

The Dark Horse

Since the genesis of the internet information has always been susceptible to breaches by potentially any hacker. Today, as a society we have become hyper-dependent on technology in all aspects of our lives, from mindlessly clicking through our Instagram stories… Continue Reading →

All Eyes On You

When it comes to privacy in search engines, many of the most famous ones you know do not offer private searches. Some search engines may gather data from you and may others limit your searches to make you do less… Continue Reading →

Privacy in Search Engines

Image Source:  Did you know that organizations are monitoring your google searches to track your movement on digital media? These blogs will explain how these organizations use your information to track your activity, we provide anonymous websites to use for… Continue Reading →

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