Now Streaming! Prof. Safia Jama on CUNY TV

Baruch English Professor Safia Jama appeared on the premiere episode of CUNY TV’s “Shades of U.S” on Thursday 10/18 on the CUNY TV. Prof. Jama was the final segment of three spotlights of the 30-minute program.

Watch here! Safia’s story starts at 17:05 min. 

In the premiere of Shades of U.S.:

After competing in America’s Next Top Model, Shei Phan, an artist of white and Vietnamese descent from Oklahoma expresses her individuality through art. MaNishtana, a blogger and public speaker, who is 100% African American and 100% Jewish, finds he could guide other Jews of color as a rabbi. And, Safia Jama, the daughter of an Irish-American mother and a Somali father finds inspiration through literature.

Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist, Tinabeth Piña.

Shades of U.S. is a project by Darrell Brown, creator of a web series of the same name. Brown has always had a fascination with the diversity of this city. He is a producer, cameraperson, and editor, currently working on studio and field productions for various CUNY TV series, many of which have been nominated for New York Emmys.