Tuesday 5/22: Great Works End-of-Semester Meeting

Please join us Tuesday, May 22, from 12-3 for the Great Works end-of-semester meeting in room 7-205. Lunch will be provided, and all part-time faculty will be compensated for their time at the non-teaching rate, thanks to the support of the Schwartz Institute. In addition to providing an open forum for discussion, the meeting will feature a brief presentation by a few of our colleagues (exact subject matter TBD) and a workshop on stretch-course time management.

Please note that since we do not have assigned reading days this spring, the session has been scheduled during final exams. We’ve tried to be thoughtful in selecting a day and time that conflict with as few sections of GW as possible, but I apologize to those of you who can’t make it, and I invite all of you to write me with your questions or concerns about the course—now and always!

–Allison Deutermann, Great Works Director