Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Thank You Twitter: Climate Change

Climate change has been pretty low in the polls of registered and likely voter’s concerns, however during Monday night’s first presidential debate the issue had a bit of a chance to shine. Hillary Clinton undoubtedly chose to bring up the climate change topic as it is one that her opponent strongly is against. Clinton referred to Trump calling climate change and global warming a “hoax”, and he denied ever saying that word vehemently. Well Thank You Twitter for being a fact checker’s assistant. In watching the debate, it’s clear to see that Clinton prepared a strategy in order to depict Trump’s penchant for lying and/or going back on his word. Crossing my fingers (leg and eyes too) that strategy wins and Trump’s claims don’t raise additional uncertainty, as this Washington Post article totes is a possibility, that would assist his efforts.


Author: Tami Theodore


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