This Bridge Called My Back

I enjoyed reading “Gee, You Don’t Seem Like an Indian from the Reservation” by Barbara Cameron. I think her story really illustrates the invisibility cloak that is cast upon Asians and Native Americans. “What’s worse than being invisible among your own kind?” This was about the issues affecting the Native Americans and Asians being ignored at the Third World Gay Conference. What made this frustrating was that it was done by other people of color. A few presentations made it clear that “third-world” people meant Black people. However, racism isn’t selective about which group it chooses to terrorize. It can affect every non-white person. “Being third world doesn’t always connote political awareness or activism.” This quote touches on the homophobia many gay people of color face within their own racial communities. This article really encompasses the intersectionality gay women of color face. Some liked to ignore the politics and choose to live how they please. However, I think the color of skin has become political. Laws and policies have been made to target people with a particular skin tone. I liked how Barbara took accountability for her own preconceived notions about other third-world people. They should be exchanging information with each other, this is the way to work together.

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