Baruch Sits Down With Adrian LeBlanc

I was recently given the pleasure of attending a reading and conversation with Baruch’s Sidney Harman Writer-in-Residence, Adrian LeBlanc. LeBlanc is a nonfiction writer and is well-known for her first book, Random Family, which focuses on a family in the Bronx. During her reading, she described the family she followed for several years and it was clear how much she cared about them. I could see that her passion for telling their story is what made her literary depiction of their lives so realistic.

Aside from reading passages from Random Family, LeBlanc also shared some passages from the latest book she is working on, which is about stand up comedy. In the book, she talks about a comedian that goes from having a humiliating experience on stage, to putting on a great show and having the best time of his life. LeBlanc used the comedian’s experience to offer helpful advice to aspiring journalists. “I think failure is the best thing that can happen to you,” she said.

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  1. I like the quote that you ended the post with. I don’t remember her saying it, but I’m sorry I missed that quote.

  2. Laura Rossi says:

    LeBlanc was very passionate. Its what made the talk to motivational

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